Health Check Services

Neuro Rehabilitation Program
Learning how to live with a neurological brain disorder can be a huge challenge to both patients and their loved ones.  Our multidisciplinary care team, therefore, is here to provide personalized rehabilitation treatment services to treat the unique challenges faced by patients suffering from all kinds of neurological disorders. Our objective is to help patients to regain independence in daily life, return to work and the community, and restore quality of life.
Cardiac Rehab Program
Virtus Medical’s Cardiac Rehab Program is designed to provide customized rehabilitation services to individuals catering to their personal needs. This multi-discipline program is formulated together by our cardiologists, physiotherapists and registered dietitians and features a variety of services, including dietitian consultation on heart-healthy diet, cardiopulmonary exercise test and cardiac rehabilitation exercise (the above services may vary between different programs). Absolute safety is guaranteed by the supervision of medical professions, health consultant also stationed as case manager to facilitate the communication between different parties, making sure no loopholes exist.
Urinary Incontinence
A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray picture of the breast. Traditional 2D mammogram, as the name suggests, renders a 2D representation of the breast. While 2D mammogram is generally effective in detecting breast cancer, it has its limitations – small cancers masked by normal breast tissues may result in a false negative interpretation, alternatively overlapping breast tissues mimic a mass may result in a false positive interpretation. 3D mammogram, an upgrade from the traditional 2D mammogram, takes multiple images of the breast from different angles and produces a 3D image of the breast in one-millimetre slices, making it easier for radiologists to identify abnormalities, and as a result reducing the need for follow-up imaging. 3D mammogram provides a more accurate assessment of breast health while exposing women to a lower dose of radiation.

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Osteoporosis Checking
Hong Kong has the highest life expectancy in the world with its men living, on average, up to 81.7 years and its women, 87.6 years. With the increased life expectancy, we often ask – How do we make our extended years quality years?
Statistics shows 1 out of 4 elderly women, who are 10 years post-menopausal, suffer from osteoporosis and half of them do not know they have it until they break a bone.

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Virtus Wellness Packages
Regular health checks can help identify early signs of health issues, thereby promoting preventive measures such as healthy lifestyle. They can also detect diseases in their early and reversible stages, reducing cost of treatment and improving chance of recovery.